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Parc Andre Citroen - A Little-Known Green Gem in France

Parc Andre Citroen - A Little-Known Green Gem

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This ultramodern park was built on a former industrial site on the left bank and named after the French automobile manufacturer Citroen. A hybrid of styles, including French, Japanese, and English, come together to create a unique contemporary setting. The park features several thematic gardens, including an herbal botanical garden, a garden especially for children, and a resolutely contemporary garden that plays on color and light and fuses water, metal, and greenery. The park's large greenhouse hosts summer exhibits.
Try exploring the Parc Andre Citroen to get a glimpse of Paris' modern face.

The Parc Andre Citroen is a contemporary Paris park worth exploring.
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The Parc Andre Citroen is a contemporary Paris park worth exploring.
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Named after one of France's main automobile manufacturers, the Parc Andre Citroen is a contemporary gem of a park located in southwest Paris, in the area known as Javel. The Parc Andre Citroen and its thematic gardens, unique architecture, and fusion of organic and industrial elements makes a visit here worthwhile and memorable.
Location: Near the Quai Andre Citroen on the Seine, 15th arrondissement
Metro: Javel Andre Citroen or Balard (Line 10, 6)
RER: Javel (Line C)
  • The park's greenhouse (Orangerie) features summer exhibits revolving around plants.
  • Fountains and water lilies around the park provide a note of lightness and grace amid the park's primarily glass and metal architecture.
  • The park's numerous thematic gardens were conceived around color motifs and include a white garden, a "black" botanical garden, and gardens complemented by metals of different colors. Fountains and ramps help create striking perspectives.