quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Pratique a sustentabilidade e seja pago por isso


A empresa alemã Charger’s desenvolveu um carregador solar portátil que, através da utilização do sistema, o usuário recebe créditos para trocar em lojas conveniadas.

Os kits Chargers Starter custam US$149, e vem com uma bateria e um painel solar capazes de gerar até 4 watts de energia por hora - o suficiente para carregar a bateria do kit em quatro horas, ou um iPhone duas vezes.

O aparelho é eficiente e se comunica em tempo real com a rede social criada pela Chargers, publicando o extrato de quantidade de energia elétrica que você gerou com sol, e a quantidade de carbono que você evitou que fosse emitida na atmosfera.

Os créditos para trocar por produtos são gerados automaticamente, e o usuário poderá trocá-los no Changers Marketplace. 


Press Release

Changers Debuts World’s First Social Energy Marketplace: Changers.com

Berlin-based startup, Changers, is introducing a portable solar charging system for everyone that aims to reduce global warming by shifting society to the use of a currency backed by the sun. The Changers System™ gives each of us way to harness the sun’s energy, liberate us from the grid, recharge our devices, socialize our energy production, and compete with each other to earn Changers Credits™ that can be spent in the Changers Marketplace™.
DeviceSAN FRANCISCO (October 20, 2011): Changers, the company that gives people the power to transform their energy behavior, is launching the Changers System, the world’s first Social Energy Marketplace on the Web: www.changers.com. The Changers System enables people to produce their own energy, measure how much they produce, and convert it into a currency that’s backed by the sun. Today, to jump-start all of us into independent power generators, Changers is debuting an intelligent personal solar charging kit that captures energy, records how much power it has generated, and then uploads precise metrics to the energy marketplace—Changers.com—for tracking, sharing, competing and redemption into Changers Credits.

The Changers Starter Kit includes the revolutionary Changers Kalhuohfummi™ solar battery and the Changers Maroshi™ solar module. The Changers Kalhuohfummi is a simple, one-button device that communicates with Changers.com. Inside is advanced intelligence that accurately measures how much energy it captures and stores in the built-in battery, ready to charge any smartphone or tablet. The Changers Kalhuohfummi solar battery is powered by the Changers Maroshi flexible solar module, which generates up to four Watts per hour — enough to charge the Kalhuohfummi battery in four hours. The Changers Maroshi solar panel, which is produced in Colorado, USA, can be attached to any window or sunny surface.

“Each of us takes it for granted that we have limitless energy on tap, and as a result we have become completely disconnected from how our actual energy usage impacts the planet,” said Markus Schulz, co-founder and CEO of Changers. “The Changers System aims to shift our attitudes and behavior by enabling each of us to produce our own energy, measure and visualize the real effect of this simple act, and then share our contributions with others. We think that if you can unite people in the pursuit of renewable energy — even small amounts of energy — it will lead to a dramatic transformation in how we source and consume energy.”

Make a decision. Produce your own energy. Change the world. Here’s how:
1. Capture the sun: produce your own energy. The Changers personal solar charging kit enables any of us to produce and consume renewable energy. Now, anyone can start producing energy and know exactly how much CO2 they’ve saved. Find a sunny spot, plug it in, and start harnessing the natural energy of the sun. Pretty soon, you’ll be much more aware of where you get the best sunlight and how to optimize your energy production and consumption.

2. Charge your device. Change your thinking. Plug in your Apple® iPhone®/iPad®/iPod®, Android™, Kindle™ (or any of 1,000 other devices) and charge it using the energy you captured. The Changers Kalhuohfummi will recharge your device as fast as a regular charger and radically change the way you think about energy. Now, you’re a Changer - an autonomous producer and consumer of your own renewable energy.

3. Become part of a movement. Tell the world. Upload your energy production statistics to the Changers community to visualize your actual CO2 savings. See how much energy you’ve produced and compare your score with others. Share your experience and contribution via Facebook and Twitter. Your pioneering actions will inspire others to follow.

4. Get rewarded. Turn your green behavior into Changers Credits. The amount of energy you produce is automatically converted into Changers Credits, which can be spent at retail partners on the Changers Marketplace who share your commitment to a greener planet.

How to join the Changers revolution
Starting today, Changers is taking a limited number of pre-orders for the Changers Starter Kit, for delivery in several weeks. The Changers Starter Kit is available online at www.changers.com/en/shop for $149.
Media contact: Tim Cox | ZingPR, tim@zingpr.com, +1-650-369-7784