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Kurikoma Quasi-National Park

[HD] Autumn in Japan 日本の紅葉 秋の東北・栗駒山の紅葉  紅葉便り Kurikoma Quasi-National Park

Enviado em 12/10/2010
Kurikoma Quasi-National Park, situated northwest of Miyagi, offers unique geological attractions like the Sekai Yachi and Katanuma wetlands, Naruko Gorge, Onikoube Plateau and the Katayama Jigoku hell. It is also noted for abundant alpine flora and lush vegetation in its rich marshes. At Mt. kurikoma one is able to view the majestic beauty of Mt. Chokai-san, Mt.Takamatsu, Mt.Arao, and on a clear day one can view the pacific ocean. Mt. Yakeishi, as well as Mt. Kurikoma, offers ample hiking. During a hike along Mt. Yakeishi one will discover vast vegetation and a breathtaking virgin forest. comparatively speaking, after one takes in the beauty of Mt. Kurikoma, one can head to the top and enjoy the Hot Springs of Kurikoma.