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Doar o excesso de calorias para alimentar os países em desenvolvimento

Donate Excess Calories to Feed Developing Countries
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Metavolunteer, an NPO established on May 25, 2009, has been carrying out a project to provide food to famine victims. Under the slogan "Your Fat Can Save the Earth," the project aims to improve general health by organizing sports events and selling healthy foods. The NPO converts each calorie burnt or consumed in such events or foods into yen, and appropriates the yen value to provide food for starving people overseas. The donated funds come from event participation fees and support money from businesses.

One of the events organized to date is Meta bowling, a monthly bowling tournament that burns 50 kcal per game and has so far provided 3,414 meals in Bangladesh. As an example of food sales, they sold rice balls containing Konnyaku, made by mixing konjac flour with water and limewater, with 40% fewer calories than regular rice balls, and donated one loaf of bread per rice ball sold, providing an additional 3,019 meals to Bangladesh.
There are now thought to be one billion obese and another one billion starving worldwide. By participating in the NPO's program, it is hoped that overweight or obese people can become healthier, and in doing so, help others. The NPO hopes that this would provide motivation for non-starving populations to engage in activities to stay healthy.
Posted: 2013/10/26 06:00:00 AM