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Oze National Park

[HD]秋の尾瀬の紅葉ハイキング Autumn in Oze National Park 紅葉便り 日本の紅葉

Publicado em 22/10/2012
撮影:2012年10月中旬 群馬県尾瀬ヶ原の紅葉ハイキング 尾瀬ヶ原は標高1,410mで東西約6km、南北約2kmの大湿原で周囲を至仏山、袴­腰山などの2000m級の山に囲まれ、大部分を湿原が占める。9月頃から尾瀬ヶ原では­草紅葉が色づきはじめ、尾瀬沼の紅葉と彩りが移ってゆきます。10月上旬には尾瀬の山­々は紅葉のピークを迎え、特にブナ林の紅葉がハイキングで見物。10月下旬にはすべて­の山小屋が冬支度に入り長い冬を迎える。

Oze is a national park and excellent hiking destination in the mountains about 150 kilometers north of Tokyo. Its most well known features are the Ozegahara Marshland and the Ozenuma Pond. A number of surrounding mountains are also included within the park. Oze is extremely popular during the fall colors of early autumn. Oze has numerous trailheads through which visitors can enter the park. The trails are well maintained, and there are wide elevated boardwalks that pass over the Ozegahara Marshland and around Ozenuma Pond. Hiking from the Hatomachitoge trailhead past the marshland and pond to the Oshimizu trailhead can be done in six to eight hours by decent hikers, and there are no overly difficult inclines.