quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013

Bonifatiuspark in Frankfurt

Promenade with skyline view © Grünflächenamt
The new city suburb of Riedberg (project duration from 1997 to 2017) is being developed on 266 hectares of land. This includes 78 hectares of designated building land and 94 hectares of parks, green spaces and ­integrated landscaped areas. This weighting alone is indicative of the importance given to green public areas when this city suburb was planned.
In Bonifatiuspark the planners had to deal with a 20 metre height difference. A 755 metre promenade extends round the steep slope, which is retained by a 4.70 metre high wall made of limestone and sandstone. It offers a good view of the city.
Some of the surface water collected on the new estate is channelled through the park. This has a considerable influence on the topography of the entire site. A striking flight of steps deals with the height difference of up to 20 metres between the lower and upper parts of the district.