domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

Acessibilidade nos parques

Access for All

Accessibility in Parks

Two women enjoing a beatiful day at central Park
The Parks Department is continually making improvements in accessibility for people with disabilities. This is an ongoing process, and although we understand that many of our facilities are not fully accessible, we are committed to making them so. In the last few years, the following progress has been made towards our goals:
  • An ADA Coordinator has been appointed to oversee the agency's handling of accessibility issues
  • An Accessibility Coordinator has been hired to establish a transition plan.
  • Our programs for people with disabilities have been increased.
  • Improvements to our website have been made.
  • Managers of the NYC Parks Department have been trained on accessibility issues and are surveying parks throughout the five boroughs. The following facilities are currently being surveyed:

Our commitment to accessibility for all is ongoing, so please check back often as we update these pages and work to provide more comprehensive information and timely updates.