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Parques Nacionais do Japão


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National Parks of Japan

Japan is a land of beautiful natural vistas that can be savored all year round. Fields of alpine flora, serene lakes reflecting the fresh verdure, seas where tropical fish swim and coral reefs grow, island chains in the evening sun, ravines ablaze in crimson foliage, snow-covered lofty peaks, and more are yours to discover. A total of twenty-nine National Parks have been designated with the aim of preserving such superb examples of the finest natural spectacles in the country for the benefit and enjoyment of the next generation and beyond.

Localização de Parques Nacionais e Quase-National

Localização de Parques Nacionais e Quasi-National

Live Images of National Parks and Wildlife

 Click a white circle on the map below or a name in the lists on either side of the map to select the place you want to view.
The Shiretoko Peninsula and mountains in Rausu
Animals in Lake Akkeshi and Bekanbeushi Marsh
Blakiston's Fish-Owl at Kushiro
Red-Crowned Crane in Kushiro Marsh
Sarobetsu Plain
Swans in Lake Kutcharo
Lake Shikotsu and surrounding mountains
Crater of Mt. Usu as viewed from Lake Toya Hot-Spring
Swans on Kominato Beach
Lake Towada as viewed from Hakka Pass
Black-Tailed Gull breeding site at Miyako on the Sanriku Coast
Geese and Ducks at Izu Marsh
Mt. Gassan as viewed from Mt. Haguro
Renge Marsh in Urabandai and Mt. Bandai
Oze Marsh
Lake Yunoko in Okunikko
Owaku Valley in Hakone
Mt. Fuji as viewed from Lake Tanuki
Yumiga-hama Beach in South Izu
Mt. Tateyama in the Japanese Northern Alps
Hotaka Mountain Range as viewed from Kamikochi
Japanese char in the Shimizu River in Kamikochi
Mt. Norikura as viewed from Norikura Plateau
Animals in Mt. Bunao in Mt. Hakusan
Ducks in Katano-kamoike
Waterbirds in Lake Biwa
Ago Bay as viewed from Yokoyama on the Shima Peninsula
Kushimoto Marine Park (Underwater Landscape)
Kitan Straits as viewed from Kisyu Kada
Takeno Marine Park (Underwater Landscape)
Bewick's Swans at Yonago Waterbirds Sanctuary
Mt. Karasugasen as viewed from Kagamiganaru in Mt. Daisen
Seto Inland Sea as viewed from Mt. Wasyu
Goshikidai Plateau
The Kurushima Strait
Tsushima Leopard Cat
Mt. Neko as viewed from the southern area of Mt. Aso
Kirishima mountains as viewed from the Ebino Plateau
Cranes in the Izumi Plains
Mountains in Yakushima Island
Laurel forest of Yanbaru
Mangroves in Iriomote Island
Iriomote Cat